Our people

We encourage a working environment where every individual is empowered to perform at its best, and all our people can innovate and develop.

Benefits to our people

What we do

The topics that we find important: 

We continuously build and foster a culture that enables our employees to become the best version of themselves. 

  • Employee engagement 
  • Diversity 
  • Health and safety 
  • Human rights and labor rights 
  • Training and development 

Our efforts to provide a good working environment contribute to SDG 5 (Gender equality) and SDG 8 (Decent work and economic growth). We have policies on place on gender equality and create a decent and safe working environment for more than 3,000 employees worldwide. 



We work together as one large team and appreciate the unique contribution that every employee makes. We believe that everyone deserves the same opportunities, regardless of gender, age, orientation, nationality, ethnicity or other personal characteristics. We treat each other with respect and are confident that we can achieve more if people with diverse backgrounds and different talents work together in a pleasant, safe and inclusive working environment. Fagron strives for diversity in the broadest possible sense. We focus on “Gender equality”, “Nationality & ethnicity”, “Age” and “Employment opportunities for people with a disability”. 

Our target for 2025: 

  • 50/50 male/female distribution in all management. 
  • 1/3rd of senior management is female. 
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Employee engagement

Fagron finds that being a good employer is important and believes in the positive impact on company performance of engaged employees. By measuring sustainable engagement and requesting transparent feedback from our employees, we can set the right priorities, understand our employees’ needs and respond to those needs. Since 2016, we have conducted a Global Employee Survey once every two years. Part of this Global Employee Survey is a Sustainable Engagement Score; the intensity of the connection between employees and Fagron. 

Our target for 2024: 

  • Sustainable engagement score of at least 80%.
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Health and safety

Fagron continuously ensures that all its employees can perform their work in a clean and safe environment. There is a zero-tolerance policy towards actions that could endanger the health and safety of our employees and others. By proactively monitoring and resolving identified risks, we strive to prevent or minimize injury and damage to health. 

Our annual target: 

  • 0 fatalities and high-consequence work related-injuries. 
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Human rights and labor rights

We do not accept human rights and labor rights infringements in our facilities. Everyone who is employed at Fagron is at least the legal minimum required age for work in the relevant country. If the legal minimum required age in a country is under 18 years, extra attention is paid to these young employees and the work they carry out. In line with the ILO (International Labor Organization) conventions on labor rights, Fagron strives for equal pay for equal work and everyone that works at Fagron is free to become a member of a trade union or organization that promotes the interests of the individual. 

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Training and development

We believe that encouraging the development of employees contributes positively to our company as well as to the employability and job satisfaction of employees. Our continuous feedback cycle enables employees and management to give each other regular feedback. At the beginning of each year, employees determine together with their manager their individual development objectives. The results of check-ins throughout the year are collected and used for the year-end evaluation. 

Our annual target: 

  • 80% of employees have an annual career development and performance review meeting. 
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