Giving back

Fagron supplies products vital to the operation of healthcare systems in the markets where we operate.

Giving back

What we do

Fagron supplies products vital to the operation of healthcare systems in the markets where we operate. Besides improving patients’ lives, Fagron gives back to the communities where we operate by providing education on personalizing medicine via Fagron Academy.  

The topics that we find important:  

  • Access to healthcare – through our products 
  • Access to healthcare – through the Fagron Academy 
  • Human rights and labor rights 
  • Product quality and safety 

Our products and Fagron Academy contribute to SDG 3 (Good health and well-being) by delivering personalized medicine and medicine to vulnerable patient groups and increasing the accessibility to medicine. 

Fagron Products

Access to healthcare is very important for the health of people globally. Fagron contributes by ensuring the availability of safe medication and increasing the accessibility of medication through personalization. Fagron primarily supplies products and services to pharmacies and hospitals, which use these products to help patients. All our products and services are used for, or related to, pharmaceutical compounding. 

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Fagron Academy

The Fagron Academy was established to improve the knowledge and skills of prescribers and pharmacists in the field of pharmaceutical compounding. Fagron Academy offers extensive training and educational opportunities free of charge in areas such as compounding methods, use of materials, administration forms and quality and safety procedures. It also includes the Formulary, a global initiative offering pharmacists and prescribers a broad range of customized compounding formulations linked to the indications for which they can be prescribed. 

Access to the Formulary

Human rights and labor rights

Fagron takes the privacy of end-users seriously, particularly in the context of medical patient information. Unwanted exposure of patient data could materially impact a patient’s privacy and potentially result in health and safety risks for the patient.

The topics of access to healthcare and product quality and safety are also related to human rights and labor rights of end-users. 

Product quality and safety

As a leading global player in pharmaceutical compounding, Fagron follows all required regulatory guidances for the quality and safety of its products. A product that does not meet all quality/regulatory specifications can, in the worst-case scenario, cause (severe) side effects for end-users. Product quality and safety is therefore a priority for Fagron. The positive contribution of our products to patient health relies on our adherence to high product quality & safety standards. 

Our annual goal:  

  • Deliver products that meet all quality and safety requirements. 
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