Giving back

Fagron supplies products vital to the operation of healthcare systems in the markets where we operate. Besides improving patients’ lives, Fagron gives back to the communities where we operate by providing education on personalizing medicine and by leveraging resources to increase healthcare access.

Giving back

What we do

Fagron gives back to the communities where we operate by: 

  • Providing education on pharmaceutical compounding and personalizing medicine via Fagron Academy. 
  • Leveraging resources in the Fagron Foundation to increase healthcare access. 

Our products, Fagron Academy and Fagron Foundation contribute to SDG 3 (Good health and well-being) by delivering personalized medicine and medicine to vulnerable patient groups and increasing the accessibility to medicine. 

Fagron Products

Fagron contributes to society by making and keeping safe medication accessible. By increasing access to safe medication, Fagron contributes to patients’ health. Fagron primarily provides products to pharmacies and hospitals, which then use them to help patients. Almost all our products and services are used for compounding. Our customers use the products in our Brands & Essentials category to prepare medication themselves and Fagron prepares products for customers in one of our compounding facilities.

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Fagron Academy

The Fagron Academy was established to improve the knowledge and skills of prescribers and pharmacists in the field of pharmaceutical compounding. The activities of the Fagron Academy consist of: 

  • Online education; 
  • Live (online) events; 
  • Practical events where compounding professionals can practice compounding techniques in a Fagron Academy test set-up; 
  • Giving lectures at conferences for doctors and pharmacists; 
  • The online formula databases: Compounding Matters and FACTS. 

Fagron Academy offers extensive training and educational opportunities free of charge in areas such as compounding methods, use of materials, administration forms and quality and safety procedures. The Fagron Academy also offers a free Compounding Matters database with formulas and compounding instructions for personalised medicine. 

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Fagron Foundation

The Fagron Foundation was established in 2012 to improve healthcare in a community and increase access to healthcare. The Foundation makes healthcare products and equipment available and asks attention for healthcare for vulnerable patient groups. Starting from 2022, we will organize an annual Fagron Foundation Day. On this day, all Fagron employees and management will do volunteer work or collect money for a charity related to healthcare. 

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