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Fagron launches excipients line DiluCap – making capsule formulation easier and more reliable

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Nazareth (Belgium)/Rotterdam (The Netherlands), 27 September 2022

Fagron launches excipients line DiluCap making capsule formulation easier and more reliable

Fagron, the leading global player in pharmaceutical compounding, launches DiluCap, a new line of six excipients for compounding pharmacies allowing for easier and faster capsule formulation.

Choosing the right excipient is paramount for the adequate clinical performance of a robust dosage form. This choice must be based on technical parameters of both the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and the functionality of the dosage form itself. Therefore, science must be at the backbone of such process. Fagron’s Dilucap comes with a patented algorithm that assists health care professionals in primary compounding facilities, pharmacies, and hospital pharmacies with choosing the best excipient for the intended medicinal preparation based on a scientifically rigid decision process. Dilucap facilitates the prevention of quality and safety differences between medicinal products compounded in pharmacies to meet specific patient’s needs and those prepared on an industrial scale in line with the EU Resolution CM/Res (2016)1.

Fagron’s DiluCap is a line of excipients specially developed to support compounding pharmacy professionals to prepare every capsule formulation with ease and trust in its final characteristics. All excipients were developed following scientific criteria and were extensively tested to prove their performance.

Anderson Ferreira, New Product Development Scientist Pharma R&D at Fagron comments: “With DiluCap, the pharmacist has an ideal excipient solution for each specific compounded formulation, considering the desired preparation process optimization, stability, compatibility, and formulation performance. All you need to do is to check the table with the most suitable product indication and choose the best DiluCap excipient”.

For each API, there is a DiluCap excipient
The number of excipients available on the market is significant and selecting the best excipient is complicated: there are more than a thousand different excipients available as individual ingredients for diverse dosage forms. Fagron’s DiluCap line consists of only six excipients using the Biopharmaceutical Classification System (BCS) and has been developed to help the performance of all types of APIs for oral use on solid dosage forms.

DiluCap SLD For soluble APIs (BCS I and III), promoting adequate disintegration of the API. DiluCap PSD For insoluble APIs (BCS II and IV), favoring the solubility and adequate disintegration of the API. DiluCap Hygro For hygroscopic APIs, reducing the water uptake from the external environment. DiluCap Antioxi For highly oxidative APIs, protecting them from degradation and loss of effectiveness. DiluCap SR For special treatments that require slow release of medicines, either to prolong the therapeutic effect or minimize possible side effects. DiluCap OD For treatments where alternative patient-friendly medicine is required, as sublingual dosage forms, with rapid transmucosal permeation.

Features and benefits of Fagron’s DiluCap include:

  • Avoidance of segregation between the API and the other formulation components
  • Preservation of API stability
  • Dose accuracy
  • Modulation of the solubility and bioavailability of the API
  • Absence of allergens such as lactose, gluten, soy, and others
  • No need for other adjuvants
  • Reduction of process time and the number of items in stock
  • Batch-to-batch reproducibility

DiluCap is only available at Fagron. To check out the complete product line and technical material, please visit

Ferreira AO, Polonini H. Evaluation of the Physical-chemical Characteristics and Biopharmaceutical Performance of Dilu-Cap: A Complete Line of Excipients for Hard-shell Capsules. Int J Pharm Compd. 2022 Jul-Aug;26(4):283-291. PMID: 35820133.

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