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Shareholder structure

Situation on 23 October 2018, based on the notifications received:

  Number of shares % of effective voting rights
Waterland Private Equity Fund VI C.V., Filiep Balcaen and Fagron NV 22,656,725 31.54%
Alychlo NV / Marc Coucke 10,749,267 14.96%
JPMorgan Asset Management Holdings Inc 3,496,585 4.87%
Evermore Global Advisors, LCC 2,203,472 3.07%
Carmignac Gestion 1,492,006 4.65%


Article 11 of the articles of association of the company specifies that participations must be notified as soon as a threshold of 3%, 5% and any multiple of 5% has been passed.

The number of Fagron shares with voting rights is 71,843,904. The total number of voting rights (denominator) is 71,843,904.